Every year, the number of travellers from all over the world increases and the traveler’s desire to discover new areas and places and learn about different cultures, cultures and landmarks around the world.
According to the latest reports and statistics, there are cities and tourist areas in different countries of the world where tourism is booming and demand is increasing during 2018, through passenger reviews monitored on TripAdvisor, and here we will mention the top 10 tourist places to thrive. Tourism in 2018, to choose an area of them to be your next destination and tell us what you think of it:

10. Casablanca, Morocco

Kazblanca in Morocco
Casablanca or Casablanca is known as one of the largest and most beautiful coastal cities in Morocco, and tourism has begun to flourish significantly in Casablanca because it is diverse historical landmarks and one of the most important tourist places is the old city located near the port of Casablanca, an area A major historical one is dotted with ancient mosques and ancient houses, and near the Old City, the Hassan II Mosque is located on the coast and is one of the largest mosques in the world and unique in its architecture and art.
Other attractions visited by travelers are varied, namely the Garden of the Arab League designed in the style of french gardens and the garden includes many types of plants, trees, palms, recreational places for children and cafes; The most important shopping malls in Morocco, Morroco Mall or Mall of Morocco, is the largest shopping mall in Africa and is located on the Atlantic coast and includes the most famous brands and restaurants in the world.
9. The village of Nerja in Spain
Nerja in Spain
Nerja is a small, quiet coastal village, located near the city of Malacca in Spain, the most famous tourist spot is the Cave of Nerja, which consists of a series of huge caves extending underground for about five kilometers, and from the inside you will see the magnificent limestone forms, the largest collection of limestone rocks located on the World-class art galleries about monuments and skeletons, and given all of the above, Nerja deserves to be included in the list of the top 10 tourist destinations where tourism thrives.
8. The city of Rovini in Croatia
Rovini in Croatia
One of Croatia’s most beautiful coastal cities, Rovini is located on the Adriatic Sea, a popular tourist resort and an ideal fishing port. It is frequented by many tourists because of its beautiful beaches, old town restaurants and hotels and most wonderful. The climate is mediterranean, and there you can eat the most delicious seafood, you can also take a boat trip to the nearby Rovini archipelago to escape the crowds and enjoy a period of tranquility. Rovini’s tourism period thrives from May to September.
7. Riga city in Lativa
Riga in Lativa
Riga is a beautiful city in Latvia that is densely populated and touristed because it is the largest city in Latvia and its capital, and has been ranked as one of the cleanest cities in Europe. The city features prominent architectural buildings and various attractions. The most important tourist attractions are the Freedom Monument, which was built in honor of soldiers killed in the Latvian War, the ancient Church of St. Peter’s, including the three architectural arts of Gothic, Roman and Baroque art; Alien and Roses 
6. San Jose, Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica
San Jose is an ancient, bustling and vibrant city, costa Rica’s capital and largest city, and is one of the mildest cities in the world. The most popular attractions are the Oro Museum or The Gold Museum, which houses Colombian gold pieces; the zoo, where animals, birds and reptiles vary; the Museum de Los or the Children’s Museum, and the National Theatre.
When you tour the city you will find plenty of massage and yoga centers this city is one of the best massage therapy places in the world, where nightly leisure activities and coffee trade are popularbecause of its large coffee plantations.
5. Gdansk city in Poland
Gdansk in Poland
Gdansk is home to poland’s most important port and is a very important shopping mall, one of Poland’s oldest cities with a history of thousands of years. It has important roles in political events such as World War II. The city of Gdansk is located on the Motlawa River and Gdansk is connected to the capital Warsaw by waterway, making it a major centre of maritime trade in Poland.
Visitors to this beautiful city of Gdansk are increasingly visiting the most famous tourist attractions, such as the huge Olioa Cathedral with magnificent medieval interiors, the magnificent 17th-century Neptune Fountain, and the great Cathedral of St. Maria, which Featuring a brilliant ancient astronomical clock, the Gdansk History Museum, which showcases artifacts, statues and paintings, the Oliwa Zoo is the largest zoo in Europe because it brings together a huge number of animals and birds from around the world.
4. Halifax, Canada
Halifax, Canada
Halifax is one of Canada’s small and quiet towns, but tourism thrives greatly, with many museums, art galleries and national historical sites in the heart of Halifax, including the Atlantic Maritime Museum, the Nova Scotia Art Gallery and George Castle. Near the port and the seafront you will find the popular promenade, hundreds of shops, shops, historic places, public squares, malls, hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars.
3. Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi in Kenya
Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and one of the largest African cities, with ecotourism and safari tourism flourishing in Nairobi due to the proliferation of national nature reserves, safaris and the most famous of which is the Near by Nairobi National Park, which houses many animals. Rare and more than 400 species of birds, it also includes the Nairobi National Museum, memorial and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the largest airport in East Africa.
2. Kappa District in Hawaii, USA
Kappa in Hawaii
Kappa is an area suitable for various water activities such as swimming, canoeing and water skiing, located in Hawaii, USA, it contains a lot of beaches including Kyelia Beach beach and Kappa Beach Park, it also has wonderful waterfalls and very attractive, and spreads a range of A variety of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls through which you can buy handmade souvenirs by locals.
1. Ishigaaki Island in Japan
Ishigaki in Japan
Isigake is a stunning large white island in japan’s Okinawa archipelago and has become one of the most important tourist destinations where tourism flourished in 2018. It’s home to a lot of people.