12 reasons to travel now 

Travel is a very important experience in life and every human being must go through it in different stages of his life, it has become a very important way to get to know different cultures and civilizations, visit tourist sites, see beautiful views, recreation, recreation, work, etc…
If the purpose of your travel is indeed food for thought and spirit, travel is not limited to a particular species but includes many kinds, various purposes and its benefits are innumerable.
In this article we will review the amount and importance of travel to recalculate, among the most important reasons that will drive you to travel now are:
12. Because you work hard and deserve a special trip
Life is a lot of trouble and stress, whether in the field of study, work or home, so your travel now may be the most appropriate way to take a break and get out of trouble and enjoy the beauty of the new place you visit, you deserve to celebrate your successes and achievements even if you see it simple, whether you travel to Another city in your country or by travelling to another country, whether alone or with a person or group, you deserve to be well-off.
11. Travel helps you break the routine
Travel helps you break your daily routine for a temporary time, while traveling you can turn off your cell phone and forget your burdensome responsibilities, do not think about problems or duties or calculations, just focus on your happiness and try to get rid of old tired ideas, because the human brain needs rest every once in a while to regain his activity and vitality.
10. Travel helps you get to know yourself more
When you travel to a different place from your country, you’ll discover yourself and get to know them again, because it gives you a new opportunity to know who you are and what you want from this life, and it’s likely to make you recalculate in general again.
9. Travel helps you grow your personality
Going on a short journey helps you grow many aspects of your personality in particular and in your life in general, it makes you more understanding, tolerant, open, open and flexible, as it forces you to deal with people from different cultures, environments and situations.
8. Travel develops skills you never knew before
When you travel away from home you will learn about your new skills that you did not realize in the same place, because you have never used these skills before, and you will be happy to discover these new skills and want to go through different experiences and discover more.
7. Travel opens your eyes to change
When you travel, you will realize a great deal of facts and information that you didn’t realize before, and learn about the history and cultures of different civilizations, learn from them, open your eyes to change and acquire new ideas, when you change, the world around you changes.
6. In travel you will meet more and new
On each new journey you will meet new people, who engage in activities you have never experienced before, who taste new cuisine, coexist in a new environment, experience different feelings and experiences, and acquire new experiences.
5. Travel makes you free
As you get older, your responsibilities and commitments will increase, but when you travel, try to forget all this and just enjoy your time, follow your desires and dreams to awaken your adventure side and feel free from all pressures.
4. Travel makes you creative
There is nothing more inspiring to creativity than to travel, it nourishes your senses and ideas by connecting with new people, flavors, colors and sounds, to ignite a spirit of enthusiasm, ambition and creativity.
Travel helps you cope with your fears
When you travel several times,