Tourism in Dubai
Over the past few years, the emirate of Dubai has gained a popular reputation in the field of tourism, perhaps more than other cities in the UAE until it was recently ranked among the most attractive cities for tourism in the world due to the trend of architectural and cultural development that swept it and appeared in the form of giant skyscrapers with innovative engineering designs derived from Of the appearance and culture of the city.
If you have chosen tourism in Dubai from tourism in the cities of the UAE or even other countries, get ready to see the malls and shopping malls with its eye-catching commercial and recreational activities, artificial islands and their high-end accommodation and entertainment options, theme parks, water parks, dolphins and hundreds more. One of the funnies of Dubai is its visitors.
All this and more will be listed together during this article.
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The most famous towers in Dubai
The most famous places of entertainment in Dubai
The most important markets and malls of Dubai
The most important parks in Dubai
The most famous mosques in Dubai
Other top tourist attractions in Dubai
Average temperatures in Dubai
Dubai’s most famous towers
Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa
One of the most famous landmarks of Dubai that you can not drop from the map of your visits during the tourism in the UAE, the tower, described as the tallest skyscraper in the world with a height of 800 meters and floors up to 148 floors above the ground level from above provides unconventional panoramic view of Dubai Reflecting the beauty of its bays and deserts, you can enjoy this magic while having a delicious meal at one of the top restaurants of the tower.
Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab
One of the most beautiful places in Dubai to ensure the tourist atmosphere and entertainment with luxury accommodation in the city’s most prestigious and the only hotel in the UAE and the only 7-star badge in the country, the Burj Al Arab Hotel.
The tower has a unique and unique architectural design with a prime location in the middle of the bay as if it is located in the middle of an artificial island surrounded by water from every direction, with a height of 321 m.
Take a boat ride, enjoy a fun cruise to the tower, dine or tea in one of its fine restaurants and cafes, or enjoy a sumptuous stay during the entire Dubai holiday.
Emirates Towers
Emirates towers
Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are popular attractions to visit during Dubai’s tourism.
The towers are two towers ranging in height from 309-355 m between 54-56 floors over an area of ​​more than 42 acres overlooking the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the tower contains thousands of labor offices in the UAE and the second is the Jumeirah Hotel and linked by a two-storey shopping complex famous The Boulevard is surrounded by a series of parks, waterfalls and artificial lakes.
The towers are known for their 42nd and 100th place among the tallest skyscrapers in the world.
Popular places of entertainment in Dubai
Dubai Dancing Fountain
Dubai Fountain
One of Dubai’s most famous tourist attractions, attracting tourists from around the world, the fountain, the world’s largest fountain, releases water with lights up to 140 meters in two directions, accompanied by around 35 Arab and foreign music plays every half hour.
The luminous dancing fountain sits on the music beneath the Burj Khalifa in the midst of a 30-acre lake that can be seen everywhere in the city.It is all the more beautiful to see a boat across the lake or climb to the top of a surrounding skyscraper.
Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai
One of Dubai’s most attractive and popular entertainment venues amongst the tourists arriving, it is believed that the arid, hot desert includes all these piles and ice bodies in peace without melting one of them ??
You will only believe it if you visit that glacier park inside the Mall of the Emirates during a Dubai tourism trip that will not only bring you the pleasure and excitement of snowboarding, but it will also make you live the exciting Arctic atmosphere amid dozens of penguins that live on its territory, along with slides and fun snow figures in Snow Park.
At Ski Dubai you will not need to buy or rent ski equipment from abroad, all within the park.