IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Adventure World
One of Dubai’s best and most exciting amusement parks for children of all ages, it is an ideal destination for families during tourism trips in Dubai.
The theme of the park is to create a fantasy world of children’s games that simulates the characters of cartoon films or objects that have inhabited the earth for hundreds of years, such as riding the back of the giant dinosaurs, accompanying Spider-Man in one of his exciting adventures through the city, or having fun with Marvel, Avengers, Network and other cartoon characters.
Adults with strong hearts can also venture into the heart of a haunted house in the adventurous city of IMG near the global village of Dubai.
Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek
If you are looking for tourist attractions in Dubai that provide you with a pleasant atmosphere while at the same time simple and traditional among the scenic nature of the city, the best choice is to visit the Dubai Creek, which separates between Deira North and Bur Dubai South.
The history of the ancient creek dates back to 4,000 years ago and then the 1930s in its contemporary history. It has been an active focal point for the sailors of the fishing and pearl trade.
Now the sailboats known as the Dao have been developed from transporting goods to tourist boats that organize cruises for tourists across the city to enjoy its charm and its most famous landmarks along the creek.
5.The Lost Chambers Aquarium
Lost Basin Closets
One of the most beautiful and exciting tourist attractions in Dubai, for those who love adventure and sea life, where you can dive or dive in one of the 21 aquariums with a capacity of 11.5 liters and includes about 65 thousand different and strange species in the underwater halls engraved in what looks like the legend of Atlantis The missing.
This is in addition to interactive presentations to explain the history of the place and its treasures.
Jumeirah Beach
Jumeirah Beach
Dubai’s most beautiful and most visited beaches are popular among tourists, perhaps thanks to the upscale hotels and resorts located nearby.
The beach is characterized by soft white sand and clear water and provide facilities for sunbathing and water sports equipment such as windsurfing and so on.Jumeirah Beach is also suitable for family tourism in Dubai and suitable for children where areas have been allocated for family picnic and play and other areas have also been allocated for the establishment of barbecues.
Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium
One of the ideal attractions for young children we recommend families to visit during tourism in Dubai to watch live and pictorial shows of dolphins and their interactions with humankind during the largest indoor and air-conditioned hall in the Middle East to embrace dolphins and create them in an artificial environment similar to their natural environment.
Located in a park in Bur Dubai’s Old Town near the bay, the hall is open for school trips and children’s birthday celebrations, as well as a children’s playground, an arabesque school and a 5D cinema.