Dubai Global Village
Global Village in Dubai
One of the best tourist attractions in Dubai for evening picnics, accompanied by friends or family, where the entire wings of the village are illuminated with colorful and decorative lamps that give life and splendor to the goods and exhibits that constitute handicrafts and handicrafts and even the food that is distinguished and famous by every country in the world, in addition to organizing shows and evenings This is a fun play, so try not to miss her while visiting Dubai.
Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay or Dolphin Bay
One of Dubai’s most exciting and exciting attractions for families and children during Dubai tourism trips, professionals and amateurs of all ages and even inexperienced in swimming and diving can go to the Gulf lakes at Atlantis Jumeirah Hotel and play with the dolphins and photograph them for 30 minutes after training to deal with them. Then get a 25% discount on the fees for visiting the lost rooms during the same day to complete the day’s fun between aquariums and exotic marine creatures underwater.
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina
One of the most beautiful places in Dubai for a relaxing and relaxing stroll is ideal for new couples. The Corniche, which stretches for several kilometers from the city’s waterfront, is interspersed with a range of walkways that can be strolled all the time.
In the morning you can go hiking, jogging, or just wandering quietly without a break. In the afternoon, you can have a delicious meal and a drink at one of the restaurants or cafes that run along it. At night, you can enjoy a tour of the towering skyscrapers, which are reflected by the evening lights, which add to the splendor or visit. One of the markets and malls scattered around it or even enjoy a seaside stroll in Dubai Creek.
Dubai’s most important markets and malls
The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall
One of the best tourist attractions in Dubai for shopping enthusiasts and follow the latest fashion trends, the mega mall is classified as the largest shopping center in the world and the most popular and popular buyers during the tourism seasons in Dubai.
The mall boasts some 1,200 stores, mostly for international brands in fashion, cosmetics and perfumes such as Chanel, Zara and Forever 21, as well as jewelers, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers such as cinemas and the Dubai Aquarium.
Mall of the Emirates
Emirates Mall
One of Dubai’s most famous malls and entertainment venues for locals and foreign tourists alike to enjoy an unrivaled shopping tour among thousands of stores selling goods from various local and international brands, before they finish their shopping tour to spend time in the various entertainment centers provided by the mall for adults Youngsters like Ski Dubai, where snow skiing with equipment, accompanied by penguins, beautifully crafted ice sketches, a cinema complex, fine dining and a variety of integrated games.
Dubai spice Souk
Spice Market in Dubai
One of the best places in Dubai to visit, despite being away from the plans of incoming tourists, is visited by culinary worlds secrets and best flavors to buy the best spices.
The UAE market, known for selling spices from around the world, is located in the Al Ras area of ​​Dubai on the Persian Gulf and is characterized by the intrusion of its smart and pungent smells in a unique and exotic blend with colored jute bags containing the forms of Gulf, Persian and Indian spices, as well as street vendors who sell incense sticks and shisha tools .
If you want to violate the plans of other tourists and take a market tour during your Dubai tourism trip, I made the decision, but try to master the skill of negotiation before.