The benefits of human travel

What are the benefits of traveling to the human being?
Travel benefits for Shafi’i
Benefits of travelling abroad
Travel damage
Human concerned with traveling and traveling from one place to another for a long time despite the lack of modern means of transportation, due to the importance of travel and the existence of many reasons and motives that call for it, as it is considered the dream of many for many reasons, especially in the youth and the desire to discover the world and change the shape of Normal life and new experiences, but there are some obstacles to achieving this dream, such as the lack of the necessary financial costs for travel or failure to meet the conditions of travel and accommodation in some countries or because of political conditions and other difficulties, but there are some good opportunities to travel abroad Without incurring material costs, such as participating in international volunteer relief organizations that provide travel costs for participation, there are many of these volunteer organizations in the world, or choosing jobs that need a large number of manpower such as agricultural activities, so that these can be sought for Farms and registration, or searching for jobs that save travel costs, and having some skills help increase employment opportunities and travel abroad such as mastery of English and other languages, these opportunities mean not only travel but also the benefits of travel, experience and new experiences.
Reasons for travelling abroad
There are many reasons and motives for deciding to travel abroad and leave one person to his country, family and friends, and the duration of travel may vary, and traveling abroad means not only having fun but achieving other goals, and one of the most common reasons for travel:
Travel for treatment where the level of development of medicine varies from country to country, but the most important reasons for going to developed countries are to treat incurable diseases, perform surgeries or perform tests more accurately, and travel may be to treat some psychological problems.
Travel to universities and scientific institutes after receiving scholarships or personal tuition fees.
Travel to visit tourist and natural places, or to visit some of the annual activities such as festivals, exhibitions, markets, celebrations and more.
Travelling to work is one of the most important reasons for people to travel, in order to earn more income and increase the chances of gaining experience, there are many business destinations, especially for developed countries with a strong economy.
Travel to attend scientific, cultural and economic conferences or to participate in scientific research, and travel lasts a short time.
The benefits of human travel
Despite the difficulties faced by a person when travelling to a new place and the need for some time before getting used to living conditions, travel has many benefits that can be observed over time, including:
Self-reliance in decision-making, a sense of independence and self-reliance in terms of life, especially when travelling for a long time to work or study.
Visit new places, learn about its history, enjoy nature and visit tourist destinations.
Learn about new cultures by making new friends and relationships, respecting difference, exchanging ideas, and getting to know new customs and traditions.
Have fun on new adventures such as sports and leisure activities such as skiing, swimming and mountaineering.
Gain new experiences from the many experiences that people experience during travel.
Learning new languages helps in